a Patch of Hemp?



The SIVApatch is a topical patch made from all-natural hemp, formulated for wellness and relief. 

Our discreet and safe time-release patches activate quickly, and last for hours. SIVApatch integrates seamlessly into health and wellness routines, helping active and mature consumers experience the freedom to live the life they want.

why hemp?

Hemp has been used to create a variety of foods, oils and textiles for fabric and rope. The extracted hempseed oil contains CBD and is the main ingredient of our SIVA patches. Products sourced from hemp are not regulated by federal or FDA.


The Right Patch for you?


The RightPatch patches are topical patches containing cannabis and THC. The RightPatch patches are available in states with a legal framework. Consumers of the RightPatch THC line trust the consistency and quality of our laboratory-grade patches. The freedom to know what to expect with every patch = priceless!


Why cannabis?

Unlike hemp, cannabis plants are recognized for their psychoactive flowers, and bred selectively for medical and recreational purposes. Cannabinoids including THC, which is heavily regulated, are extracted to for use in our RightPatch patches.

Available in two formulas: RightPatch Cannabis Indica and RightPatch Cannabis Sativa.