Plants + Patches


What is a patch?

A transdermal patch is an adhesive patch that provides discreet, controlled and time-released delivery of our plant materials into the body. The plant materials are transported through the dermis, or skin layer, directly into the bloodstream. 

RightSciences engineers patches to ensure that the wearer will experience the same relief, every time. Patches provide the highest bioavailability of plant material delivered into the wearers system, when compared to other delivery options. Helpful compounds in each patch enter directly into the bloodstream, instead of through the digestive tract or kidneys. This means systematic relief, instead of treating only one area.


User only absorbs about 10% of plant material  

Transdermal \\
About 80% of plant material is absorbed into the body

About 50% of plant material is absorbed by body

WHAT's next on our patch journey?

Analyzing the intersection of scientifically proven helpful plants and herbs, with the most common ailments needing relief, provides us with a roadmap including plants from around the globe.

Research and Development methods include exploring herbs, vitamins, minerals traditionally taken orally and transforming those healing properties into a transdermal patch form.